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Torqs & Bracelets

The main image shows a Welsh gold bracelet with a central disc of Celtic Trinity knots arranged around a central yellow sapphire. The bracelet has a gold clasp to fasten it.
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Stunning jewellery you will want to wear forever

We are excited to offer hand-finished bracelets in 20% 18 carat Welsh gold alloyed with 80% 18 Fairmined gold.


Our handmade torq bangles and bracelets are available in:

100% 18 carat Welsh gold in yellow, white or rose

100% 9 carat Welsh gold in yellow, white or rose

20% Welsh gold alloyed with 18 carat Fairmined yellow gold

20% Welsh gold alloyed with 9 carat Fairmined gold

All the diamonds we use that are large enough to qualify for certification carry the internationally recognized GIA certificate and we can access virtually any diamond specification to your requirements. A full range of other precious stones is available.

A 100% Welsh gold handmade torq bangle or bracelet will carry the Welsh Maiden trademark that is exclusive to us and signifies the purity of your piece of Welsh gold jewellery. It will also come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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“Now that I know the man hours, process and technical skill that went into their creation my admiration and respect for this company and their craftsmen has risen to another level.

Thank you once again for exceeding my expectations.”

Mark, USA