Celtic Rings

The rich beauty of Celtic history

Most of our designs are available in 18 carat 100% Welsh Gold, 18 carat 100% Scottish Gold, 18 carat Fairmined yellow gold, 18 carat Fairmined white gold and platinum. 

Plaited Celtic Welsh Gold rings are available in 18 carat 20% Welsh gold and, by special arrangement, 18 carat 100% Welsh Gold.

We also offer Celtic rings in silver with a flash of 18 carat Welsh or 18 carat Scottish gold.

Your Celtic ring will carry the Welsh Maiden trademark that is exclusive to us and signifies your ring is made of 100% Welsh Gold. It will also come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. We will quote a price dependent upon the specification, the weight of the ring and the market price of the particular precious metal at the time of enquiry.


Hiraeth is a word without direct translation but I suppose is a feeling of longing for your homeland. I’m only over in Ireland but being able to wear a wedding ring mined from the Welsh ground is so special! Welsh gold is no-longer mined and is finite. This makes my ring completely priceless!
My 100% Welsh gold ring was ordered with ease and I was kept updated with the progress of the process right from the very start. Payment was easy (instalments helped!!) and it was delivered without fuss. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough!!

Diolch o galon!

Angharad — Ireland