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Woven Sapphire Engagement Ring

The intertwining of two hearts is represented by this exquisite Celtic-inspired Welsh gold woven sapphire engagement ring. Created in 20% 18ct Welsh gold alloyed with 80% 18ct Fairmined gold, it is set with a round 0.5ct white sapphire. The woven band measures 3.6mm width and 1.6mm depth. The sapphire measures 4.5mm diameter. Created to stack with the Woven Wedding Band, or can be worn singly.

Product code: WGCAS WSER

Size L, UK price (includes VAT): £4,200

Size L, non-UK price (excludes VAT): £ 3,500

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The image shows a Welsh gold ring made of two woven strands and featuring a round central sapphire in a pale grey-blue. It rests on a plain white surface.