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Our Story & Ethos

A lifelong love for beautifully designed handmade items combined with a fascination for the unique heritage and culture of Wales led Aur Cymru Limited founder, Geoff Brown, to begin his decade-long labour of love to build up enough reserves of the incredibly rare Welsh gold to launch his business. 

As a former gallery owner, Geoff’s knowledge of the market revealed a gap on the highest tier of jewellery made of this, one of the world’s rarest golds. So was born his commitment to produce items made of 100% Welsh gold. This sits in marked contrast to some other companies who, unfortunately, are opaque about the Welsh gold content of their products.

In recognition of Aur Cymru Limited’s standing, the British government’s Intellectual Property Office have granted Aur Cymru Limited the use of the Welsh Maiden trademark.  The Welsh Maiden mark is historically recognized as an indicator of authentic pure Welsh gold and was originally used by The Britannia Gold Company Limited who owned and operated the former Gwynfynydd gold mine.  We only use the Welsh Maiden mark on items unblended with other golds. The Welsh Maiden mark is highly prized by those seeking authentic 100% pure Welsh gold.

Aur Cymru Limited is founded entirely on ethical principles. Where a commission requests that the Welsh gold is blended, Fairmined gold is used. Similarly, all gemstones included in our jewellery are ethically-mined, cut and sourced in accordance with the ethical accreditation for each particular stone.

Our Welsh gold is panned by hand in an ecologically friendly way (with no machinery, excavation or chemicals) in the beautiful Snowdonia region of North Wales whilst observing Sites of Special Scientific Interest. We also have a reserve stock from the old Gwynfynydd mine. These founding principles, of beautifully designed, handcrafted pieces made from the finest Welsh gold, have ensured a solid foundation upon which this excellent business, and reputation, continues to flourish.

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