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Full-Set Diamond Eternity Ring

The image shows a full-set diamond eternity ring in white Welsh gold. The diamonds are sparkly and reflect on the white surface.

This full-set Welsh gold diamond eternity ring is rectangular in profile and measures 2.5mm in width and 2mm in depth. It can be handmade for you in:

18 carat in yellow, white or rose 100% Welsh gold

Size L, UK price (includes VAT): £9,480

Size L, non-UK price (excludes VAT): £7,900

18 carat yellow 20% Welsh gold alloyed with 80% Fairmined 18 carat gold

Size L (16.1mm diameter) UK price (includes VAT): £5,940

Size L (16.1mm diameter), non-UK price (excludes VAT): £4,950

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For this specification or for a different width, depth and ring size, enquire using the link below:

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