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EMERALd and DIAMONd Eternity Ring

A honey-coloured Welsh gold ring is flush-set with an emerald either side of a central diamond. The gemstones sparkle and reflect not eh white surface of the table.

This is an enchantingly elegant handmade Welsh gold emerald and diamond eternity ring. It is half-set with two emeralds and a diamond, all flush-set, and is available in your choice of the following precious metals:

9 carat or 18 carat in yellow, white or rose 100% Welsh gold

18 carat or 9 carat yellow 20% Welsh gold alloyed with 80% Fairmined gold

For size L, UK price (includes VAT): £POA

For size L, Non-UK price (excludes VAT): £POA

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For this specification or for a different width, depth and ring size, enquire using the link below:

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